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In the past year we have been pleased to provide to our Members:

  • Opportunities to meet with our state's elected leaders;

  • Access to the Members Only section of our website with over 2,000 pages of legislative, candidate, and district research;

  • BillTracker, an online legislative monitoring system which records votes on business and industry issues as they happen in the legislature.

  • A Voter's Guide with the current details on special, primary, runoff and general elections;

  • Political education presentations tailored to Members specific needs.

  • Political Parade, a daily digest of local and national business and political news; and

  • Timely and accurate political, legislative and electoral updates and special bulletins by email and phone.
    • 95.4% of the legislation rated Business Negative by BIPECPAC in the past year went nowhere.
    • In the political arena, BIPEC's analysis and BIPECPAC's nationally unprecedented predictions success has provided incomparable support for our Members campaign decision-making.



Because of BIPEC's political education efforts, business is winning.


Please contact us directly at (803) 254-0476 or if you have any questions regarding BIPEC's services or membership.

BIPEC Contact Information
NBSC Building
1301 Gervais Street. Suite 901
(corner of Sumter & Gervais streets)
Columbia, SC 29201
(803) 254-0476

(803) 256-2525 (fax)

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