SCBIPEC - The  Political Research Arm of South Carolina Business

Business and Industry are stronger in South Carolina due to the prominence of our Members and the efforts of SC BIPEC.

Vision.   SC BIPEC is a member-driven, politically nonpartisan Business and Industry organization dedicated to promoting and protecting the free, private and competitive enterprise system through research and education.

Focus.  Accountability and transparency are the hallmarks of SC BIPEC efforts. Issues including property taxes, health care and tort reform, local and state regulatory fees, licenses and corporate income taxes remain before the Legislature. BIPEC continues to represent BIPEC Members as we inform Legislators about the impact of the bills they consider through BIPEC Member supported research and education.

Commitment.    For every session of the SC General Assembly since 1985, BIPEC has used roll call votes and bill sponsorships on Business and Industry issues to calculate a vote score for every member of the South Carolina General Assembly.  Analysis of these recorded votes provide a quantitative measure of the support for Business and Industry issues in the General Assembly by each member of the Senate and House of Representatives.    

Results.   Through Member support, SC BIPEC has established a pro-business makeup of the South Carolina General Assembly with legislators who understand the impact their decisions have on our Member’s sustained profitability. The SC BIPEC Legislative Scorecard quantifies the impact that Member support is having on the legislative process. In a five year benchmark comparison, from 2006 to 2011, the number of Senators that have achieved Vote Scores greater than their respective District Scores have increased from 33% to 69%. Among Representatives we have improved from 22% to 72% over the last five years.

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